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April Meeting

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

SATURDAY  April 19.

The Holiday Inn – Goleta
11:30 Social – 12:00 Noon luncheon

24th Congressional District Candidate Luncheon

Speakers invited (NO Surrogates accepted)¬
  Michael Tennenbaum (Has Accepted at this posting)
 Elton Gallegly
All other Republican candidates running are invited, will be introduced and given brief speaking time. 

We will invite the candidate for the 23rd district to our May meeting and invite other local candidates to speak briefly at that meeting also.
The 23rd District has a Republican running but he is not contested at this point. He has run for many offices in the past and is from San Luis Obispo County.

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Contact Information:
Barbara Hurd – 805-684-3858 Email